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Hilary has been working in the veterinary business since 2006. She loves working with dogs and cats and especially loves talking with and educating their people. She graduated from Florida State University and is a big Seminoles fan but her UF doctors don’t hold that against her! Outside of work, Hilary enjoys pet sitting, reading, going to the beach, and playing trivia. She has MANY “kids” of her own: Vern (an old but extremely active and talkative Cairn Terrier), Jameson (a very silly and beautiful Siamese mix), Magner (a cat who was born in her back yard but is now a fixture inside her home and best friends with Jameson), Kirin (a.k.a. “Bunny Butt”, a rambunctious kitten with no tail!), Oy (a very friendly bearded dragon), Diego and Camille (not-so-friendly and friendly, respectively, chameleons), Bruce and Clarke (very personable sulcata tortoises), Roland (a ball python, an extremely nice snake who loves to be held), Pedro (an axolotl – Mexican salamander), and several [very hungry] fish.